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Radiator Cooling Fan / Mount UPGRADE - 17401461579

Radiator Cooling Fan / Mount UPGRADE - 17401461579


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Product can be used for:

K1 K75 K100-8V K100-16V K1100

Condition: New

Replacement for OEM: 17401461579 (verify in new window)

A known and common failure point of the cooling system is the original cooling fan. With periods of sitting, the fan motor bearings seize causing the brushes to heat up enough to melt the plastic arms supporting the brushes to the motor housing, causing permanent failure.

A worthy upgrade is to replace with an upgraded, SPAL fan unit. With a slimmer profile and increased CFM, you'll be sure to decrease engine temps much more quickly than the original unit.


17401460427 - (08/01/1983 - 06/04/2015)

Part 17401461579 was found on the following vehicles:

K589 (K1, K 100 RS) - (08/1988 - 09/1993)
K589 (K 1100 RS, K 1100 LT) - (06/1989 - 04/1999)
K589 (K100, RS, RT, LT) - (05/1982 - 10/1991)
K569 (K 75, K 75 C, K 75 S, K 75 RT) - (12/1984 - 06/2005)

SPAL Brushed Axial fans provide longer life, superior performance compared to standard products. All IP68 certified SPAL motors are WP (Water Proof) which means they are completely sealed and therefore protected against ingress of solid and liquid agents.

SPAL fan comes mounted on a laser cut, 3mm thick, stainless steel (304) adapter plate, replicating the same mounts as the original fan.

Consider replacing your original coolant temp sensor and thermostat when replacing your radiator fan to make sure your cooling system is up to par. An other great upgrade for the cooling system are our silicone coolant hoses.

Connector included to make connecting the new fan a cinch.

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