K Parts Holland WarrantyK Parts Holland started out as a hobby and has now grown into a serious business with global customers. Therefore we care a lot for our customers and their bike projects or regular maintenance. We simply love K-bikes!

New parts normally have warranties attached to them, and for used parts this is slightly different. To serve our loyal customers we came up with the following warranty policy.

To help you understand what a warranty implies for us and for you, we want to explain a bit about our process and what we have to do before we can ship your much desired used K-bike part.

We scout the internet for used motorbikes, talk to their owners, and negotiate a deal. Then we have to go get the bikes or bike parts and take them back to our workshop.

At our workshop all parts are disassembled carefully and cleaned the best we can. Then all parts get a thorough checkup to see if they are still working correctly. This is the most important part of our process, especially for electrical components because we have to test them to make sure they work as expected.

When a product doesn’t meet our standard, we either dispose of it or we fix what is broken and sold as refurbished items. This is sometimes the case for mechanical parts since these are the moving parts, such as the engine, the transmission, the gearbox, the suspension and so on. These parts have a higher chance of experiencing failure. Their constant motion hastens their wear and tear which is why a warranty is crucial.
Other, more rugged parts are checked for visual signs of a collision or aging like corrosion.

All parts that pass our checkup are being photographed, labeled and will come for sale on our webshop kaprtsholland.com before they are carefully stored in our warehouse.

For all used parts we offer a 30-day warranty unless stated otherwise. Some parts may have an extended warranty period or specific rules may apply. Always check the warranty given in the product description.

Also check the return and exchange policy to see if the part you are buying meets your demands. It's crucial to know all the terms and conditions before making purchases.

Whenever there is an issue with a part you ordered, you can contact us at info@kpartsholland.com and we will do everything to help you that may be expected within reason.